Elevation is a result of my desire to assist and support artisans in reaching their full creative potential.

My intention is to develop a new archetype of trade show (Secret Seller Market™) that approaches business owners in a gentler way, fusing the right artisan to the right retailer. In addition, we are introducing new artisans to the Gift Industry, giving them a fair chance to be in some of the more successful gift shops.

Elevation is an entrepreneurial community that shares my values when it comes to paying it forward. We offer programs to those in need, with grace.


“Grace is a way of being, of how you treat people.”

I am an entrepreneur, and have experienced what it takes to start up a new business. I learned this by doing it in today’s Aquarian age.

Social media has replaced newspapers, and unless you speak the language, it can be intimidating. I can guide you through all of the steps, from discussing a name, to setting up a basic website. In addition, I have access to resources, accumulated over my 30 year career in the gift industry.

I offer consultations on existing retail businesses that are not seeing the growth they desire. I can also come to your shop, meet your staff, and observe your process. Sometimes all it takes is another set of eyes.

Let’s engage in a conversation about your business.


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